Saturday, July 28, 2007

I'm A Honker

On a recent business trip to Nevada, I visited the town of Pahrump. I played at the casinos and won about $800.00.

While I was driving out of town I saw a couple of protestors with signs saying something to the effect of honk if you want the illegals deported. So I honked-very loudly I might add! This leads me to my thoughts on the imigration debate.

I keep hearing about this over and over. Everytime I hear a news story about it it makes my blood boil! Last May as most can remember there was a day without immagrants protest all over the country. I saw dozens of these illegals saying that they should have the same rights as everyone else does. I was like what the fuck!

Here is my response to this: If you want the same rights and freedoms ONLY American citizens are entitled to get off of your fucking lazy ass, quit your whining, speak english and become a US citizen. Yes the process is a long one but good things come to thoes who wait. If you don't want to take the time then get the fuck out of our country!

I do agree however that the illegals make up a large portion of the service industry. Most of your porters, short order cooks, dishwashers and housekeepers are from Mexico or some other Latin American country. I would be more than happy to give these jobs to some of the homeless around this country who have a true desire to work and become productive members of society.

I also have another problem with the reality that nowadays you must be abel to speak Spanish in order to get certain types of jobs. I say this: If it were up to me I would make each and every one of these illegal immagrants learn english before I would give them a job.

I find it very odd that alot of things like job applications are now both in English and in Spanish. What has this country come to?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I Am Back !!!

Sorry I have been away for so long. I have been busy shooting off my politically incorrect-ness elsewhere. Tried to log into the old blogger account today but no luck. So I decided to create a new account and a new blog.

So I am back in full swing! Come along for the ride. It will be a controversial one!